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About Us

Who is DOT Breathalyzers?

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) maintains a list of alcohol testers. For breathalyzers that are found to conform to the Model Specifications for measuring alcohol in bodily fluids are categorized into two groups of alcohol testers- Alcohol Screeners and Evidential testers.

DOT Breathalyzers only supplies alcohol testers that are in the Conforming list of products published by the US DOT and we provide calibration service to ensure the defensibility of the results.

We are based in Tualatin, Oregon.

DOT Approved Evidential Breath Testing Devices

Only top of the range breathalyzers is able to pass the stringent standards and the rigorous testing conduct by the U.S. DOT laboratories. Specially designed for Law enforcement in mind, the results from DOT Evidential breathalyzers are typically highly accurate and repeatable. Some of the users of Evidential breathalyzers include Law Enforcement Agencies, Airlines, Trucking Companies, Hospitals, Public Transportation services, clinics located in oil refineries. offshore oil rigs, chemical plants.

DOT Workplace Testers

Some companies are required to perform Workplace Testing regulated by the DOT. Alcohol testers in this category are a subset of the above DOT Approved Evidential Testers and have its firmware specially designed to comply with DOT requirements. The interface is configured to perform testing in a step-by-step manner, certain features that the breathalyzer offers are disabled in order to comply with the rules. Download a copy of the U.S. DOT CFR 49 PART 40: Procedures For Transportation Workplace Drug And Alcohol Testing Programs to find out more on the Regulation.

DOT Approved Alcohol Screeners

Alcohol testers in this category are determined to be sufficiently accurate to detect the presence of alcohol in the breath sample. These breathalyzers are usually designed for the consumer market and commonly used as a low-cost option to workplace testing. Many shipping companies use alcohol testers in this category to comply with guidelines set out the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG). DOT Approved Alcohol Screeners are also popular among consumer users that want to have an affordable way to get an estimate on their breath alcohol concentration.

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